You probably think you’ve had good Mexican food… You might even think you’ve had good Mexican chicken. But have you really? We’d beg to differ and would say that you haven’t until you’ve had Los Pollos FGC.

After last Tuesday, when we went to their Grand Opening, I don’t think I’ve really had Mexican food as good as what you get dished up at LP.

So, here’s what we had. It was Taco Tuesday – so of course we ordered six… and no regrets were had by anyone. On a side note, we recommend the LP Chicken Taco 2 – a taco with a mild spice kick but you cool it off with a Guava Jarritos… Mhmm. We also ordered the Whole Chicken Combo and built our own tacos – because food always tastes better when you have to get your hands dirty.

Oh, how could I forget the music? We were sipping away on our Jarritos in the courtyard at the back, and then Jon’s eyes lit up because he realised what we were listening to. It was Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, but in Español!

Whenever you think authentic food from any part of the world, you instantly want the food the locals eat, made by a local, in the local neighbourhood. This is what you’re going to get at Los Pollos.

The reason we know this is because a little while back, Jon and I met the owner of LP, Adam Trojkovic, and also the man behind the menu, Sergio Ortega. Sergio spent a couple of months in Melbourne, working with Adam to bring his own classic take on Mexican food with a SoCal spin. He was born in Morelia in Central Mexico, but now lives in LA – so he knows his stuff.

Around the West there’s a fair few chicken shops – the classic Nandos or Sunshine Charcoal Chicken – but seriously, you need to do yourself a favour and say hola to the LP Fam – you won’t be disappointed. Even this pequeño pollo (aka. my nephew Lennox) gives Los Pollos the thumbs up.

Ven a buscar tu pollo!