Everyone has their usual pho join – it may be in Richmond, Footscray or Springvale. But we’re going to look specifically at the best pho in Melbourne’s West. This post could potentially cause a massive debate – so if you think your usual joint is better than what I suggest, then buy be a bowl of pho and prove me wrong!

But before we go any further, does anyone actually know how to pronounce it? Is it ph-oh? Or ph-ur? Or even ph-ah? Just in case you’re really wondering, we found a YouTube video that pronounces it the so called “right” way.

Pho Kim Long (60 Alfrieda St, St Albans)

My earliest memories of experiencing the flavours of the rich broth and rice noodles was right here. Tucked in a small-ish and simple shop in the heart of St Albans, the noodle soup at Pho Kim Long is always solid. There is something about their staple – sliced beef – which always hits the spot when you leave. Make sure you accompany it with their Three Colour Drink – you can’t go wrong.

Pho Hien Saigon (3/284 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine)

Hitting closer to home is my now-local pho joint, Pho Hien Saigon. The thing about this place is, is it’s the best place to take someone who has never pho before because the menu is simple and seriously unassuming. In this place, don’t expect to be stepping into something ridiculously lavish. But don’t be fooled by thinking the food is simple and basic – because it’s ridiculously delicious. Don’t forget to be creative… add as much hoisin, chilli, lemon, mint and bean sprouts as you want to make it whatever you want it to be. Here’s a tip: make sure you get their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. You won’t regret it.

Pho Hung Vuong Saigon (128 Hopkins St, Footscray)

Walk down Hopkins Street and you’ll soon see there are way too many pho joints. But (in my opinion) there is one that stands out above the rest and its Pho Hung Vuong Saigon (or as my brother likes to call it the “Cow & Chicken” Pho Shop – have a look at their sign when you go there and you’ll see why). There has never been a time where I haven’t seen this place full. When you order, always go one size smaller than what you actually think you’ll finish – their large is a swimming pool! If pho isn’t your thing, you must try their broken rice and pork chop.

Look, I’m happy to be challenged – all it’s going to cost you is a bowl of delicious pho! Hit us up and let me what other pho joints are worth mentioning.