Connection and engagement with your Instagram followers are super important to keep communication lines open and active. Instagram Stories has made this super simple (not to mention fun!) over the past couple of years, especially with the introduction of the poll, question and slider stickers. And the best thing about them is that it’s super simple to use – anyone can do it, but not everyone does it!

So when we heard that Instagram launched a new sticker this week – Quiz – we were super excited to introduce this in our client’s engagement strategy. We were teased with this sticker in February 2018, but it’s finally here!

What’s this Quiz sticker all about?

In your Instagram Stories, you’re able to ask your followers a multiple choice question – with up to four possible answers. Share your story, and then see whether or not your followers select the right answer. Your followers will be able to immediately see if they selected the right answer. It’s really that simple. [Click here to read Instagram’s Help Page]


The greatest benefit of this sticker – just like the others – is to have another method of follower engagement. Posting different questions gives you an insight into how much they know about you and your business. Questions that ask your followers when you launched your business, or even where your journey all began, are simple yet super effective ways to engage your followers.

Other ideas could be to inform and educate your followers about something that’s interesting like your most sold product, or the most popular service you provide. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re looking for some ideas, check these businesses out: @missguided and @poosh

Note: Sadly, not everyone has it just yet… but hang tight, because it will be coming to a device near you shortly.

If you’re struggling with follower engagement on Instagram, or are simply looking for someone to do it for you – then get in touch with us!